About Ed’s Sheds

Why rent storage space, when you can lease-to-own one of Ed’s Sheds.

The Ed’s Sheds Slogan

Ed’s Sheds builds its structures in the Carroll hills of Maine. You have a 3 mile driveway to get to Ed’s Sheds manufacturing site.

Ed’s Sheds started as a small business in a lot in Lincoln, Maine with no employees building a handful of small sheds. In those days it was Ed and Joan as the workers. The supervisors were an Anatolian Shepherd and a Great Pyrenees and 2 cats. This all started 10 plus year ago.

This evolved to now having a full crew which is the backbone of the business, several sales lots and dealers. We went from small 8’ x’ 8’ wooden sheds to the hi tech up to 14’ x 38’ structures we now produce.

Our goal in the beginning was just to build simple sheds and hope people would buy them. Today it has evolved to building the highest quality structures available in the Maritimes and New England.

We've Come a Long Way!

One of our first sheds!
We've come a long way!